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Just a little random rant Empty Just a little random rant

Post by WildyxNight on Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:12 pm

Sorry i dont want to be negative or anything but I reallly need to vent out some anger and sometimes it feels better to type things out then say it.

Okay *deep breath* I am a nice person, I really am. Ask my friends and they'll tell you im TOO nice. Like to a fault. And today, or the past few days i've felt it, I felt myself being too nice, I felt people using me, taking advantage of me, and now my irritation level has sprung to an allllll time fucking high, like I'm so close to the edge, and working out isn't taking away my anger. I just get tired at some points always putting my feelings second and I feel like sometimes its not appreciated by other people and it irritates me. They dont have to appreciate really but at least be mindful of it, I can't really go into details because that would be sooo much to tell but today two things really pushed me over the edge. First, this girl backs into my car and then bluntly tells me to my face that she didn't.........I just saw her with MY OWN two eyes hit my car. Then she says well she was watching her back flash, your camera isn't 100% accurate!! Why couldn't she get that through her skull?? I literally had to sit and argue with her for 10mins when I had somewhere I needed to be when all I wanted was her phone number. I literally didn't have any plan to even charge her or have her pay anything because literally my car is shit anyways and there was no noticeable dents or big scratches. But the way she tried to just deny it when I literally saw it happened just pissed me off. Like own up to what you did. Like then she apologized for being rude but CONTINUED to make smart little comments about how she didn't fucking do it. I literally saw and heard the noise and my car!?? Ugh so annoying. Rant 1 done.
Rant 2 , then a few hours later Im driving my friends home and these guys walk past my car and fucking hit the trunk......mind you Im already what gives these three mutherfuckers the audacity to put their hands on my car!? I don't care if they think their tough shit or not why do you have to go out of your way to touch someone's fucking vehicle its just so fucking disrespectful. I think im so irritated by this story because I didn't say anything to them. My friend said wtf to them and they kept walking but i think i was so speechless i didnt even know what to say and kept driving. But then as i drove and talked about it I got more and more angry!! Like who the fuck are they? Why do you have to be that fucking stupid!?!?!?! I wasn't afraid of them, but I just said nothing and now Im pissed off I said nothing XD like they just got away with that shit. I can't make myseld let it go lol i want to go back and tell them to try it again. Boys are just so fucking stupid sometimes. No offense to anyone here, just boys at college I suppose.
Idk thats my rant. I think I was angry at myself for not acting out towards them. Feel free to comment, maybe tell me if I should have or it was good that i let it go or whatever but Im just trying to take it easy for the next few days till my irritation levels are down.

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