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Omegaverse (World Guide)

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Omegaverse (World Guide)

Post by WildyxNight on Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:19 pm

What is Omega Verse?
A world where three genders exsist


The Alphas are the more aggressive ones out of everyone. They are the larger and stronger ones, the dominate ones in bed. They are the males or females pumped full of testosterone. The females would differently from the males though. While the males already have a penis, females don't. Everything is different for the Alpha females. They have a small chance of getting pregnant at all, but they can impregnate. Where the female's clitoris is, once she gets aroused, a retractable penis is there instead. Since she has a very small chance of actually conceiving a child, her womb would be smaller or not even there at all. In some verses, she does go through some stages in pregnancy to help her Omega. The hormones the Omega releases help the Alpha.The female Alphas already small breasts would grow so she could help feed the newborn child. For males, it is a bit different. Alpha males can't have their breasts grow like the females, but they still help their Omega out. In almost all of the verses, there is a lot of semen being released. Some verses have knotting, which basically means the Alpha's penis enlarges at the base to lock inside the Omega, giving them a better chance at breeding and producing offspring. All Alphas have larger penises and are the ones to fight over an Omega.


Betas are the normal, everyday guy. They can still breed with other Betas, but they cannot breed with Omegas or get them pregnant. With a female and male Beta, they can reproduce that way. Sometimes even a female Alpha and a female Beta would be able to reproduce.


Omegas are the softer and more gentle of these roles. They are the nurturing parents who raise their children and they are the only ones in here who can get pregnant besides Beta females. The female Omegas use their systems as normal, getting pregnant that way and then nurturing the child like they should. But for the males, it is very different. All Omegas go through heats, it all depends on the author how often they go into heats. During this time, they are most fertile. But the pre-heat is what the males have to go through. Since they only have one hole, their rectum, that is also doubling as protection for the female parts. During pre-heat, the parts start to grow after they empty their rectum completely. The reason they do it is so nothing gets stuck in the uterus. But Omegas are the smaller ones with less muscle and smaller penises if they are male. They love to take care of children and all that parenting stuff.


Beast can exsist as Alpha and Beta ONLY. Most of them being primarily Alpha. Alpha beast are less fertile than a human alpha, thus it is rare for them to bare offsrping. They are sort of elite in the world, more advanced then the human alpha. ONLY omegas can bare the offspring of alpha beast. So typically they are very selective about the omega they select to bare their offspring.

Example Of The Beast - - >

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